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Born in Kinshasa (Democratic Republic of the Congo), DJ Ben El Salsito 1995 in the FRG entered. There he studied chemistry and did his studies successfully completed as a graduate chemist.With the salsa career began in 1998 as a dancer, and two years later as a DJ. Although he was by his brother Bailly, which is a super dancer / dance teacher from Francfort, for salsa dancing seduced. April 2000 started his DJ career in the Anno Tubac (Bonn) and a month later, the tacos (Bonn). It was DJ Ben El Salsito the cult of the DJ in Bonner Salsa scene. Due to the non-recognition of his music and person separated DJ Ben El Salsito by his colleagues and employers in February 2004.So he oriented in the direction of salsa dura and changed his musical direction. So, he was appointed Latin Festival Chem invited in September 2004, where he inspired the dancers. Two months later, confirmed his DJ reputation on the Salsa Congress in Wuppertal by DJ Henry Knowles as the best DJ from Germany and one of the best DJ in the World has been praised. On the recommendation of DJ Henry Knowles was Ben El Salsito of Imad Lahoul invited at the Salsa Festival 2005 in Hamburg.Then followed a lot of salsa festivals, which are at the link: DJ appearances In March 2006 met DJ Ben El Salsito DJ Gabriel from Paris to Berlin on the Salsa Gala Martin Paz (salsa Card). With his experience he was able to convince him, a collector to be. DJ Ben El Salsito has a large number of Lps, CDs and circuit boards. Through his experience in various salsa festivals his music is in the good dancers addressed.His music contains: Mambo, Latin Jazz, Cha Cha Cha, ranging from Africa to Cuba to Puerto Rico.tHis motto is: Baila por amor a bailar.